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With access to multiple top-rated carriers, Kirtley Insurance is devoted to aiding West Virginia businesses in finding the ideal coverage.

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Kirtley Insurance is here to provide a range of business insurance solutions for businesses in West Virginia. Explore our coverage options and receive a quote from one of our team members today!

Insuring Your Contractor Business: A Vital Investment

For contractors, insurance isn’t just a safety net; it’s a fundamental aspect of responsible business management. Whether you’re landscaping, handling electrical systems, plumbing, or managing HVAC, understanding insurance is crucial for safeguarding your business, employees, and clients.

Landscaping Insurance

In the landscaping industry, where outdoor work brings inherent risks, insurance is essential. Landscaping insurance typically covers liability for property damage, injuries, and equipment protection. It offers peace of mind amidst potential property damage from falling branches or client injuries from equipment mishaps.

Electrician Insurance

Electricians face unique risks due to the nature of their work. Electrician insurance includes general liability, professional liability, and sometimes auto insurance. This coverage ensures protection against property damage and injuries, allowing electricians to work confidently.

Plumbers Insurance

Plumbing involves various tasks with potential risks like water damage or injuries. Plumbers insurance covers general liability, property damage, and bodily injury, offering security against unforeseen accidents.


Contractors Insurance

Contractors overseeing construction projects require versatile insurance. It includes protection against property damage, bodily injury, and workers’ compensation. Contractors insurance is indispensable for safeguarding businesses and employees.

HVAC Business Insurance

HVAC businesses encounter diverse risks, from property damage during installations to injuries from malfunctioning systems. HVAC business insurance covers general liability, property insurance, and pollution liability, ensuring professionals navigate confidently.

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When it comes to securing insurance for your contracting business in West Virginia, trust Kirtley Insurance Services to help you make decisions rooted in reliability and expertise.

With a proven track record of understanding the unique needs of contractors across various industries, we offer tailored solutions designed to safeguard your business, your employees, and your clients. By choosing Kirtley Insurance Services, you’re not just investing in insurance; you’re investing in peace of mind, knowing that your contracting business is in capable hands.

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